Nothing can ever prepare you for becoming a parent.

It’s no easy task keeping another human being alive and thriving. The process is so uniquely complicated and fraught with unforeseen circumstances. We don’t contemplate the minutiae of motherhood and despite our best efforts; it’s impossible to fully prepare for life with your baby.  Mothering is in the details.

It’s in the mls per feeding. It’s in kilos your baby has (hopefully) gained in the first 12 months. It’s in the hours your baby has slept through the night. It’s in the minutes ticking away on your maternity leave as you navigate a myriad of daily issues that ultimately determine the general health and well-being of your child. Motherhood is constant and demanding

Yet, for many career-driven women, myself included, we find ourselves overwhelmed, unprepared, and often at a crossroads.

We will share the Hacks of motherhood here and I will be your support system.