We’re Going To Need More Wine is honest, funny as hell, raw, and smart just like the woman herself. This isn’t a memoir or autobiography, so, if that’s what interests you this isn’t your book. We’re Going To Need More Wine is a collection of essays that touch on pivotal moments in her life.

It was inspiring to read about Gabrielle discovering her true value and worth in her sometimes laugh out loud memoir. It was exciting to read about how she broke the chains of self-depreciation, and how she came to realize what a beautiful and talented woman she is inside and out. As you may have recently heard, she’s a mother now. After all she’s been through, I believe she’s going to make a great mom.

I love how her story unfolds and how it’s written in an unconventional way. While reading it, I felt like the two of us were girlfriends hanging out, chopping it up. I believe that’s how she wanted the book to come across and it does. She makes you feel like you’re her bestie, and that there are no secrets between you. She makes myriad revelations, including sharing about the time she was raped and how it paralyzed her and how she worked through that trauma.

She talks about marrying her first husband when she shouldn’t have and how she and Dwyane Wade spent months haggling over their prenups, and that at times she felt worthless during the negotiations. She talks about being a stepmother and how she helps her stepsons navigate through the world as young black men

Today Union and basketball player Dwayne Wade make up a power couple visible to millions on social media circles. This was not always the case for either of them but they overcame