2020 was not the year we all envisioned. We set goals, on all fronts of life, little did we know the world would surprise us. ‘’We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps’’ this statement from the book of Proverbs has never been more real.

So many things are happening in our lives right now. And it is possible to see all the negative elements. I am trying to be positive and to stay in that lane.

In April this year, an editor from an online magazine called me. I was surprised to have been picked to feature in the 2020 PALM Magazine. I was honored too.

This feature came at the right time. In March 2020, I had come across a certain individual who chose not to believe in me and in my cause. That stuck with me for some time. At least for the first time, I did not feel the need to prove anything to anyone. I have grown up I must say. And when the feature offer came, deep down, I knew I was doing the right thing.

After a number of years as a woman hearing ‘not good enough, not confident enough, not beautiful enough, not this enough, not that enough’ I woke up one morning and thought I AM ENOUGH.

This feature is for every young girl/gentleman who has seen doors shut I their face, for every young person who knows deep down they have something to offer but they are not even given a place at the table- make your own goddamn table. The beauty about the world we live in is this, we are in a disruption era, do you, do your thing, and the world will adjust accordingly.

Head over to https://www.thepalmagazine.com/june-2020-edition/ and read my thoughts on certain issues that affect our economy.