Palmieri was the communications director and advisor to Hillary Rodham Clinton in the presidential campaign that saw the advent of President Trump. Dear Madam President is a short book that chronicles this story and gives advice about some possible ways forward. It is a quick read.

Ms. Palmieri’s book was excellent. It is a quick read but packed with important insights and nuggets of wisdom that could only come from someone in the trenches. Politics in Kenya, especially right now with all that is happening has me in the damps.

It will be valuable to the next woman candidate for President, but also to those women who aspire to leadership positions. I especially love that

(1) it doesn’t tell women how to be more like a man to succeed, but to embrace being a woman and understand that it is those qualities that will make her a great leader; and

 (2) it is not a tell-all book on Hillary Clinton or other members of the campaign, and there were many opportunities for Ms. Palmieri to do just that.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is inspirational and should be read by every woman both young and old. It encourages women everywhere to strive to reach their potential. Traditionally women have worked hard to fit into a man’s world, playing by men’s rules. Jennifer Palmieri gives a new perspective on this and encourages women to recognize their own worth and to speak up.

“Women haven’t plateaued; it is the rules we were playing that are outdated. We are learning to appreciate that with this [political] uncertainty comes an empowering new sense of possibility. I look around at all that women are doing in America today and I’m inspired. Women aren’t just running for office in record numbers, they are winning in record numbers, too … So you see, Madam President, having survived the unprecedented scene in the movie where the world exploded after all, we can now write our own happy ending. From now on, we will decide what is possible for us. This movie ends with women running the world.”

Maybe we even need to begin to make and play by some of our own rules to the benefit of our families and/or the businesses in which we work. What women have to say is valuable and worth hearing. It is a book to energize every woman and whether they work in the home or in big business, the message is relevant and for many will light a fire.