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I recently read a meme that said ‘’Let’s all take a shot on 31st December 2020 and never talk about it. Ever’’

Well, we have made it to the last month of the year. The strangest year ever. The fact that we are here, alive, having survived is a miracle in its itself. The Lord has been faithful.

And how have you been? It’s been a minute guys.

I have had crazy schedules. I have held back a lot as well due to naysayer demons in my head. More so related to fear. I said it, Fear. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so unsure about the different roles I play in my life as a (mother, partner, employee, a creative….) I struggled to believe whether I’m worthy of these things in the first place and I think it boils down to fear. Fear of being vulnerable, of admitting that maybe I don’t have all the answers, of disappointing people, of not making enough money, of not being seen as perfect; Whatever the F* perfect even means.

I am trying to unpack where all these is stemming from so that I can release it. That will be my 2021 journey. It’s a marathon I know, but I will get there.

Nevertheless, my 2020 stock will be categorized; People and others.

Thanking God that I have made it to December despite the whirlwind the world experienced

That I have met amazing people this year;

My CEO of the year has to go to Peter Nduati. I have not seen such humility. Humility extraordinaire. I was following up on something in regards to an insurance cover, and this guy came down to our level. He listened, he empathized, he promised and he sorted it over and beyond. Not every CEO will give a stranger his number and say ‘Talk to me’ at 9pm in the night. Peter, hats off.

Women in Public Service ladies. Kizzie, Nadia, Rose, Mercy and Pauline. Brilliant and expectant minds. Each one of them deserves to be where they are today. They are the definition of Professionalism, Hard work and consistency. Hoping to show the world a bit more of what can happen when great minds come together.

How to mentor and support other women — and help them succeed |

Myke Rabar is the true definition of selflessness. It is on his shoulders that he let the WIPS stand for the world to experience and see us. As we got down to looking at unseen things, his eyes were on the goal and he pushed us to ‘just do it’. I knew it. The ‘y’ in the Myke had to have something different.

Have you ever received a message and felt like you got sunshine in your pocket? That is what happens when Wanjiku Wairia writes you one. Aaah, this girl is good for my self-esteem. ‘’Shine like the star that you are’’ That is how she ends her messages to me. I met Wanjiku, a leadership coach this year. A calm spirit. She is a lady with fire in her spirit and hurricane in her bones. She taught me that life is about learning that seasons come and go and each one of them prepares you for the next. The preparation period is KEY. I am looking forward to tapping into her nuggets of gold.

The Importance of Mentorship For Career Development | NexGoal

Tabitha Griffith. I met her a couple of years ago. We have not met or spoken as often as we should have but we all need those type of friends who call you out when you are slacking. You see, Tabz is a lawyer. She has been on stages with some of the most phenomenal people in the world. She works so terribly hard and will get anything she puts her mind to. She inspires me every single day.  Why she made it on my list is because this year, we had one of those long phone calls and she called me out on an area of my life that I’m slacking. It was not in vain, I’m back and this time, it’s to the end.

A place where I have learnt the most this year, Women on Boards Network. ‘You need it, they’ve got it’. This is a group I joined in my younger years and is the place I have learnt as a professional the most. Raw and real scenarios, up to date articles, celebrating women and their roles.

The wind beneath my wings; STL and Gee, I truly appreciate you guys.

A big shout out to Vicky, who reminds me the importance of social media every single day.


Healthy Eating — A Detailed Guide for Beginners

2020 taught me never take health for granted. I started my yearly wellness checks this year ‘A little embarrassed to say this’ and I pray to go for my wellness checkup every single year.

I have learnt the importance of a good diet and taking care of myself on that front. What is good for me and what is not.

Human interaction keeps me sane. The months of lockdown that we had to meetings online made me sick. Let’s all agree that meetings are more of expressions and interactions. I can’t stand another statement like’ Mute your mics’; ‘Can you hear me’ Oh my goodness……The vaccine better get here fast.

So many books, so little time

I suffer from the disease of buying books and taking too long to read them. I need to purpose to read a book a month. I have also improved on my social media consumption. I have time limits for all my social apps and also seeking help where I needed it.

I am currently obsessed with podcasts. OWN podcast being top of my list.

brandchannel: Oprah's OWN Network Cited by Canadian TV Watchdog

Learning how to handle big data. This is beyond my comfort zone. My concentration span is so short, but I’m pushing myself every day.

Trying to set up a pretty awesome morning routine. I have failed in this year in, year out. But there is hope.

Praying that I become a better person. A better mother, a better partner, employee and better in all the roles that I play.

I have a had an amazing relationship with my maker this year. It was a deliberate move and I can proudly say I have aced it.

I am enjoying watching tik-tok clips. On those days I want a good laugh, that is what I like to do. Some of us may be cringing at the thought of these Gen Z Apps, that is where the world is. Every day, we wake up to find new Apps. Know how they work for you.

This year has been tough. So tough for some who even lost loved ones to the virus. This is one year that we all tried to survive. Seeing the end of it is reason enough to give thanks.

As we wind up 2020 I am Sharing warm and joyous wishes to you and yours this Christmas.

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